Why is MEPcontent.com thé BIM platform for MEP engineers worldwide?

MEPcontent reached the impressive milestone of 150,000 users this fall. With an average of 90,000 downloads and 2,000 new users per month and over 614,000 articles available, we are immensely grateful to and proud of our platform users for relying on MEPcontent for their BIM projects. We are also thankful to the over 400 manufacturers - of which 88 were added this year! - for collaborating with us to offer the most complete MEP specific BIM content platform worldwide.

User experience
Of course we continuously work to improve the user experience on our MEPcontent platform. We recently enhanced the general efficiency and speed, as well as the website navigation. It is now possible to get more accurate and localised search results. Furthermore, you can now also stay informed via e-mail of any content updates of a manufacturer by pressing the "Follow" button on the manufacturer's profile page or on the article page. Additionally, new videos in multiple languages on the MEPcontent video section were added.

Improved security
Trimble is focused on continuing to invest in delivering best-in-class reliable, secure, and performant systems. That’s why at the end of August we also made sure to offer the most secure site access available with the adoption of TIDv4, the method by which users log in to MEPcontent and to our Manufacturer Apps.

Manufacturer Apps upgrade to Revit 2022
As an MEP engineer, contractor or draftsman Revit can be challenging when it comes to designing MEP systems for complex BIM projects. Therefore, our Revit specialists developed Manufacturer Apps for a better and faster Revit experience to overcome these challenges. There are different tools available that enhance existing Revit functionalities, give access to BIM objects from specific manufacturers or do things that are not possible in native Revit. All manufacturer Apps have been upgraded this summer to Revit 2022, with support for 2021, 2020 and 2019 and are free to download from our new Manufacturer App section on MEPcontent.
All App users will now also benefit from the enhanced security features and are no longer redirected to our previous App store.

Stabicad, Trimble nova

Users of modelling software Stabicad can already check via MEPcontent.com if PLS files from their favourite manufacturers are available as well. It is now also possible to verify via the MEPcontent platform if these manufacturers have Trimble nova catalogs available.

Extensive Range of BIM Files

Due to MEPcontent's collaboration with more than 400 international manufacturers, we are able to provide a wide variety of BIM content for MEP engineers. If users can't find what they’re looking for, they can easily request new BIM files.

Complete Article Information
The available formats contain all information needed for a correct representation and calculation in both a generic and specific model, including a symbolic, a dimensionally stable and a 3D representation, as well as manufacturer product codes.

Reliable, High-Quality BIM Files
Before BIM components are placed on MEPcontent, they go through an extensive testing process to ensure that the parameters, level of detail, structure and dimensions are correct. The Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) has been prepared by Trimble to provide MEP engineers and contractors all around the world with a clear understanding of the need for high quality and uniform content, i.e. graphical article information like it is offered on this content platform in close cooperation with leading Building Product Manufacturers. This document also represents MEPcontent’s vision for the future. Due to Revit's constant evolution and the spread of market adoption, preparing and providing the best content for MEP projects can be challenging.
We understand that MEP is a dedicated business that deserves its own global standard, reflecting the current state of our industry where country borders and boundaries are secondary, which should lead to a more universal approach of high quality BIM content. That's why we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of and content for MEP.
For further information read our blog Structures and Standards in BIM, an absolute necessity.

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About the author
Kim Smit, is Customer Success Manager working for MEPcontent, Trimble MEP