New chapter in ACV’s history

In 1922, the Belgian company ACV was founded with the dream of providing warmth and comfort to people around the world. Over the last century, ACV evolved into an international industry leader in the manufacturing and supply of quality stainless steel hot water equipment, with flagship technologies such as Tank-in-Tank and HeatMaster.

In August 2018, ACV was acquired by Groupe Atlantic, enabling it to reach new heights and seize new business opportunities, by opening up to previously unexplored markets.

To mark this important new chapter in ACV’s history, and to celebrate in 2022 one hundred years of existence as a brand, ACV updated its company logo and modernized its branding. This change was an evolution rather than a revolution, to show the world that ACV remains true to its DNA, while at the same time embarking on new business ventures.

The new ACV logo is a symbol of stability, craftsmanship and knowhow, all represented by a drop of water sheltering a flame, to convey excellence in hot water solutions.

The BIM content offering of ACV has recently been expanded. Discover the ACV product ranges on