Structure and standards in BIM: an absolute necessity

BIM promises a future where all parties can collaborate by sharing project information from initial design through costing, build, delivery and ongoing operations. According to Trimble MEP’s Charles M.E. Lekx, real value can only be achieved when all parties across the construction sector operate in accordance with the same industry standards.

Growing BIM adoption and a need for uniformity within the construction industry worldwide have led to various public and private initiatives to develop standards that overlap in places. Harmonisation will be required as the opportunities for collaboration increase. Well-known standards in the UK and Ireland include ETIM and ETIM MC (European Technical Information Model), the Uniclass 2015 classifications, and the uniform GTIN code, also known as EAN / UPC issued by GS1 and, within the electrotechnical sector, the widely used Luckins data standard.

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