Updated, configurable content from IBMO, the sealing specialist for cable and pipe transits

IBMO is specialized in fire resistant, gas and watertight sealing systems. The sealing systems are suitable for Industry, Building, Marine and Offshore.

New are the Uniseal and Pressure seals, now also configurable in Revit.

IBMO was asked by several customers whether seals could not be made configurable in Revit: this saves the engineer a considerable amount of time and work. This means that when the size of the pipe or the size of the hole in which it is placed changes, the seal is automatically adjusted to the correct type.

MEPcontent's content engineers have managed to implement these changes, allowing you as an engineer to make your design much more efficiently and faster with the seals!

The updated products also include instructional videos for configurable processing of the IBMO Uniseal and Pressure Seals.