Welcome TMC Transformers! 30 years of experience at your service


We are pleased to announce a new manufacturer on MEPcontent.com: welcome TMC Transformers!

TMC Transformers SpA is a European company with a global presence and leader of dry-type transformers in medium voltage, low voltage, and reactors. Find and download here.

TMC Transformers SpA was formed following the acquisition of TMC Italia SpA, an acknowledged world leader in the distribution transformer market, by Next Technology Group (NTG). NTG has put together a carefully selected group of engineers and technicians with vast experience in the design and manufacture of special transformers for demanding applications, including Marine & Offshore, Wind, Rail, Mining, Data Center, and distribution transformers for the Building, Industry, and Infrastructures sector.

The TMC mission is to support customers with a wide range of products and services: from special prototype development and technical consultancy to final product delivery and a service team with 24/7 availability. TMC is proud to offer to her customers our technological strengths and engineering expertise to develop opportunities for mutual business growth and market expansion.

The company has a solid foundation, with an expert management team devoted to innovation and quality. Certifications and Awards: ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001