SIEGENIA decentralised facade and wall-mounted ventilators

SIEGENIA provides a healthy indoor environment with a whole range of decentralised ventilation technology. With efficient facade or wall-mounted ventilators that combine high air throughput, sound absorption and energy efficiency with smart convenience and can be integrated in the facade, practically invisibly. Thus the value of the property increases with the air quality, the building structure and the sense of well-being, and your ventilation concepts create room comfort you can breathe in.

Our high-quality ventilation technology not only provides the important building blocks for modern living and room concepts, but also well-coordinated systems. Because only when all room functions work together as one system can a room truly become a living space. With SIEGENIA you have the freedom to create the comfort that brings spaces to life: room comfort.

Efficient window ventilators for modern facades.

Facade ventilator AEROMAT VT

As an architect or planner, you need a system that can be integrated flexibly and harmoniously into any building. Your customer expects tangible benefits, wants to bring calmness, efficiency and convenience into the home. There is a simple solution for both parties: Our AEROMAT VT ventilator range. The possibility of heat recovery, air filtration and automatic humidity and CO2 control makes these sound-absorbing ventilators important components for sophisticated room comfort.

Ventilator versions for all requirements.

AEROMAT VT as a passive ventilator.

The individually controllable air throughout is accomplished via the natural pressure differential between cool outside air and heated indoor air.

AEROMAT VT as a motor-operated ventilator.

The explicitly quiet radial ventilator offers a high, two-stage air throughput and effective sound absorption.

AEROMAT VT with heat recovery.

Combines the aforementioned benefits with a thermal efficiency of up to 62% without condensate formation

From compact sound-absorbing ventilators to networked systems

With AERO window and wall-mounted ventilators, you will obtain the best quality of fresh air and keep your peace and quiet, even in areas with increased traffic. The ventilation operates as quietly as a whisper, user-independently and needs-based, and the effective pollen or fine dust filters, as well as intelligent sensors, meet the highest comfort requirements.

AERO wall-mounted ventilators are just as easily installed as they are operated and can also be subsequently flexibly integrated into the building planning – in new, high-end buildings or in renovations and modernisations, as stand-alone ventilators or as an overriding networked system.


The tried and tested active or passive solution for fresh air without noise.

The AEROPAC wall-mounted ventilator has been employed well over 100,000 times as a solution to rising noise and environmental pollution. With its sound-absorbing fresh air supply, it supports a calm and healthy indoor environment. AEROPAC possesses a powerful fan that is as quiet as a whisper, making its use in larger rooms possible. The multi-stage air throughput can be conveniently regulated and programmed via the LCD display, or also leisurely via an app in the "smart" version. Three optional filters provide effective protection against pollen, fine dust and further environmental pollutants. In contrast, the AEROPAC DD, as a passive ventilator, uses only the natural pressure differential for a demand-based ventilation.

AEROPAC: active sound absorbing ventilator with filter technology
AEROPAC smart: with WLAN module for operation via the SIEGENIA Comfort app
AEROPAC DD: passive sound absorbing ventilator


Flexible pipe wall ventilator with air supply and /or air extraction operation, heat recovery and humidity sensor.

With the AEROTUBE all functional elements are positioned in the pipe. This gives the casing a discreet design, while nevertheless providing demand-based, controlled ventilation at a high level of comfort. The AEROTUBE system consists of five different device versions, which can be used singly or in pairs and also across rooms – and which can be interconnected intelligently in the "smart" version without any great effort and operated via the SIEGENIA Comfort app. This means that you have the right solution for every room; in new builds or in renovations.

AEROTUBE WRG smart: Can switch between air supply and extraction with heat recovery
AEROTUBE AZ smart: Can be used as an air supply or air extraction unit
AEROTUBE DD 110 or 160: Passive ventilator for air supply or extraction

SIEGENIA: A fourth-generation German family business

As a fourth-generation German family business, the SIEGENIA GROUP is represented in nearly 80 countries with more than 2,800 employees worldwide and brings spaces to life with solutions for window, door and comfort systems.

Founded in Germany in 1914 as a press and stamping plant, the company subsequently developed into a well-known manufacturer of furniture fittings, in order to then shift its business to window ventilation hardware. From 1945 onwards, the company conquered the domestic and international markets with its turn and tilt hardware. The corporate culture is characterised by a spirit of innovation and cosmopolitanism. The first non-handed turn and tilt hardware gave SIEGENIA a clear competitive advantage in 1954, which resulted in rapid growth. At the beginning of the eighties, the product range was expanded to include lift and slide hardware and acoustic ventilators.

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