Update Sprinkler System for Henco

Manufacturer Henco has performed an update for their Sprinkler System. This system offers installers a complete solution with great flexibility. It consists of, for example, the Sprinkler Multilayer System, Sprinkler fittings and the Sprinkler Cup. The Henco multilayer pipe PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc offers all the advantages of metal and synthetic. Add herewith the proven qualities of PVDF press fittings together with the easy to use tools and you get a state of the art sprinkler system.

The Henco Product Line Placer app for Revit is updated with the latest information. Also, a Revit family for the Xpress Sprinkler Cup is made available. Stabicad users can download the new Henco PVDF Product line Sheet additionally.

Download the app