Product Line Sheets Solid Air on MEPcontent renewed!

10325 new and renewed Solid Air articles can be used from today by MEPcontent subscribers in Stabicad for Revit and Stabicad for AutoCAD. The PLS contains articles including properties and dimensions to make it possible to place and order the articles dimensionally stable.

In addition, Solid Air has added a large part of its perforated and swirl diffusers to the Revit .rfa range on MEPcontent.

Solid Air ceiling diffusers
Solid Air Climate Solutions offers you a wide range of ceiling diffusers. Ceiling diffusers are ideal for creating comfort zones due to the possibility to lock in larger airflows and thus remove high thermal loads. All Solid Air ceiling diffusers meet the highest demands in terms of comfort. Solid Air diffusers are suitable for both fixed and suspended ceiling installation.

Missing items?
If you miss certain items and would like to work with these items? We are happy to help! Please contact the MEPcontent team or your contact at Solid Air, or directly with the Solid Air BIM department.