Valves, seperators and air vents from Caleffi

197 new articles from Caleffi can now be imported in Stabicad with the function ‘Import Product Lines’. The PLS contains articles that include properties and dimensions which makes them suitable to be placed dimensionally stable in AutoCAD and Revit MEP.


Caleffi is the leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality components for heating, cooling and plumbing systems and a supplier of high-performance hydronic solutions. They offer a wide range of valves for several uses including mixing valves, safety relief valves, fuel shut-off valves, temperature relief valves, differential by-pass valves and much more.

Air vents

Automatic air vents are designed to remove the air that accumulates in heating and cooling systems without the need for manual intervention. This prevents harmful air that may compromise the life and the performance of the system which includes:
  • corrosion due to the oxygen
  • pockets of air trapped in the heating emitters
  • cavitation in the circulation pumps
  • noise from air passing through the pipes

The accumulation of air bubbles in the air vent body causes the float to drop and thus the vent valve to open. The air vent functions correctly, as long as the water pressure remains below the maximum discharge pressure.

Air separators

Caleffi air separators use a coalescing element that consists of an element of concentric diamond pattern mesh surfaces. This element creates the whirling movement required to facilitate the release of micro-bubbles and their adhesion to these surfaces. The bubbles, fusing with each other, increase in volume until the bouyancy force overcomes the adhesion force to the surface. They rise to the top of the unit from where they are released through a float-operated automatic air release valve.

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