Can IoT Change the MEP Industry?

One of the biggest trends in the industrial sector at the moment is the Internet of Things (IoT). But how will this trend affect the MEP industry? What innovations can we expect?

Internet of Things is about objects connecting to the internet and exchanging data without human interference. It is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. It is everywhere around us and is also finding its way in the MEP industry. With everyone going BIM (Building Information Model) at the moment, information is managed more and more centralized.

Applications of IoT for MEP contractors

Tracking progress on the construction site live

IoT in an industry that still heavily relies on blueprints and 2D drawings

IoT and offsite fabrication

Link data directly from the field to the 3D model for prefab sets

Predict maintenance

Data collected from the equipment can be visualized in the 3D model which will provide a comprehensive understanding of the information, making it possible to predict which parts are predisposed to breakdown.

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