Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Series on MEPcontent: Condensors and Branch Controller

The City Multi Air Conditioning series just keeps on getting better. This HVRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is the World’s First HYBRID R32 VRF solution. And it’s all done on two pipe technology . No need for expensive leak detection in occupied spaces. No need for large footprint space for condensers. No need for third party controls as the clever M-Net with its range of intelligent controllers does it all. No problems with phase ability or indeed flexibility allowing easy CAT A to CAT B fit outs.

Reduced footprint

The City Multi system maximises the space available for plant by reducing the area required for outdoor units.


Potential noise issues with the outdoor plant are reduced with City Multi, thanks to an improved compressor and fan design, reducing sound power levels.

Reduce installation and maintenance time

The two-pipe design allows for phased installation, meaning that the cooling and heating system can be installed around a project build, with individual sections commissioned as required.

High efficiency

City Multi provides a very low installation cost, running cost and CO2 emissions.

The PURY-EM R32 and PURY-M R32 condensors and the CMB-WM R32 branch controller from the first items to be published on MEPcontent. More items from the series will follow. Download the Revit families, CAD and IFC files now!