EMCS 4.0 the Extended MEPcontent Standard is available now

MEPcontent takes pride in announcing the newest EMCS: version 4.0. This version contains in-depth updates in relation to version 3.0. The EMCS in this version is split between a BIM platform specific section and a more BIM platform generic section. GLN is added to the basic article parameters. LOI, LOG and a section about Product Line Sheets (PLS) are new in this version.

The Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) has been prepared by Trimble to provide MEP engineers and contractors all around the world with a clear understanding of the need for high quality and uniform content, i.e. graphical article information like it is offered on this content platform in close cooperation with leading Building Product Manufacturers. Where EMCS has previously focused on Europe, in the current version we extended its scope and relevance to a global level. The underlining principles of the standard have been generalized so they can be applied to more BIM platforms than Revit only.

Version 4.0 is created with the much appreciated support from editors and reviewers from Ajilon Engineering, Autodesk, Croonwolter&dros, Deerns, ENGIE, Grundfos, I-Commit, Inteco, Iv-Bouw, Kovo, Nathan, TBI, Tekenbureau M. Kragten and Victaulic. Standards are just proof of concepts unless they are proven and used in practice. Therefore, this practical feedback is very valuable to guarantee that those in the field can really work with the EMCS.

The EMCS 4.0 can be found here.