A heart for green warmth
Warmth stands for cosiness and comfort. With one turn of the thermostat you transform a chilly house or cheerless office into a snug home or comfortable workplace. That is what makes warmth so indispensable in our daily lives. But all of us wanting sufficient warmth everywhere is putting a great strain on our environment and the climate. This is why we at Henrad are committed to care for our planet and future generations. We want to use energy sensibly, and resolutely endorse sustainable, green warmth.

Life-long enjoyment
Henrad is amongst the biggest radiator brands in Europe. And that is not without good reason, as we always offer the best quality at a highly competitive price. We consider it important that everyone must be able to opt for our quality. Whether you live in a modest urban home or a spacious villa in the countryside, any home deserves the Henrad quality. You are then assured life-long enjoyment of optimal comfort, at the lowest energy cost.

Caring for the future
At Henrad we not only look after our consumers today, we also have the generations of tomorrow in mind. More than a third of all our energy available in the West is used to heat buildings and water. That is more than all the energy we use for all forms of transport combined. It is therefore time for a drastic change in how we use our energy.

Sustainable heating
Heat consumption in our homes must be significantly reduced. A number of intelligent energy measures can considerably reduce heating power consumption in the home. Good insulation and particularly the use of modern heating technologies already help to give us a good start; and certainly in combination with renewable energy sources. When we combine these new technologies with the revolutionary Henrad ECO low-temperature systems optimum efficiency can result. This is how we at Henrad use our green warmth to work towards a sustainable environment, now and for the future.
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