Fan-Coil Unit Kit

IVAR FCU-Kit: Pre-assembled brass multi-function bypass unit for fan-coil systems, chilled beams, heaters and other constant flow rate conditioning systems. Can be used for both heating and cooling. Consisting of: a pair of three-way valves for setting 5 different operating modes, a mesh filter, two loading/unloading taps, a Venturi orifice with a pair of piezometric sockets and a PICV flow regulator. Permissible differential pressure ranges and flow control range (for PICV): with PICC 03 cartridge (code 590123) 16- 200 kPa, 37-575 l/h; with PICC 03 cartridge (code 590124) 30-400 kPa, 64-1110 l/h. Mesh filter (500 μm) in stainless steel AISI 304. Connections to the primary circuit (with unions): 1/2 "F (DN 15) - 3/4 "F (DN 20). Connections to the secondary circuit: 1/2 "F (DN 15) - 3/4 "F (DN 20). Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar. Maximum operating temperature: 120 °C. Available with insulation shell in grey ARPRO 5135 FR with conductivity 0.037 W/mK, density 50 kg/m3, reaction to fire class HF-1 according to UL-94 standard.
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Last update : 26-02-2020
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