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New functionality: Export, adjust and import Schedules from Revit to Excel within a minute

05 July 2018

Combine the functionalities of Revit and Excel with this powerful app called the Stabiplan Export and Import Excel app for Revit. Download this add-in to export data, such as schedules, from your Revit project to Excel, modify the data or add information to your elements and then import Excel data into Revit. You decide from which elements you want to export which data and which elements have to be changed during the import of updated data.

Using the Stabiplan Export and Import Excel plugin you can export clear overviews from the data in your Revit project to Excel. Afterwards it is easy to edit elements by changing parameter values and adding extra information to your elements (e.g. manufacturer data or results from calculation packages). Then you can decide for which elements you want to import the updated data back into your Revit model.

To try out this app for free and export Schedules from Revit to Excel, please visit our app store today!

More than 600 new articles added for Oventrop

More than 600 new articles added for Oventrop

21 February 2018

New valves for Oventrop have been added to MEPcontent! The PLS files contain properties and dimensions such as type or diameter that help you place the articles dimensionally correct in AutoCAD and Revit MEP.

You can easily work with Oventrop valves in Revit with the MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves App for Revit. Download the app for free here.

More than 600 new articles have been added, for example products from the Aquastro and Aquanova series balancing valves and Optibal series butterfly valves.

Sabiana partners up with MEPcontent

Sabiana partners up with MEPcontent

20 February 2018

Great news for BIM engineers, modellers and designers looking for Sabiana products, the Italian manufacturer published it's first products on MEPcontent.

Starting with BIM files for the Carisma CRC fan coil units, Sabiana and MEPcontent will create and publish more BIM files for cooling products in the coming months.

Publishing Revit families and CAD files on MEPcontent is an important step in the BIM journey for Sabiana. "Offering BIM files for our products is no longer a choice, it's a must" according to Luca Binaghi, Commercial Director for Sabiana. "BIM is an essential part of the workflow of our customers nowadays. Offering accurate 3D content, equipped with correct technical and product information is very important to us. MEPcontent is an important partner in our BIM strategy, offering both a BIM platform with a global reach and expertise when it comes to BIM for the MEP industry."

MEPcontent users can download the BIM files for Sabiana products for free from the MEPcontent platform. Keep an eye on the Sabiana product pages for new updates!

About Sabiana
Sabiana is an Italian company which conceives, designs and manufactures appliances for air-condition spaces where people work and live. The company builds equipment and systems to heat and cool any type of space: factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and houses. Always based on the most natural element in existence: water.

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Unspecified MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves

MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves

Placing valves gets much easier with the new MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves app available for Revit. Easily filter on technical properties, select and place valves in your Revit project and work directly with localized and up-to-date manufacturer specific products. You can download the app for free from [a href=" "]our store[/a].


Sabiana Carisma CRC IV-IO

Carisma CRC IV-IO

Fan coil unit


Sabiana Carisma CRC MO-MVB

Carisma CRC MO-MVB

Fan coil unit


Sabiana Carisma CRC MV

Carisma CRC MV

Fan coil unit