MEPcontent and Constructible: impossible to ignore in the MEP sector

For more than 28 years, we made it our top priority to provide you with high quality, accurate and light BIM content that you can use in your projects. Content that contains graphic and parametric product information to be used in your projects.

With the vast amount of knowledge that flows in our team of MEP specialists, comes great responsibility as well. In other words, we had to make sure that the content we provide is being used in well-informed ways, so that MEP engineers around the world can achieve maximum productivity and cost reduction through their designs.

How did we do this?

By supplying the international MEPcontent community with knowledge articles, discussion threads and actionable and accurate information about the latest developments and best practices in the MEP sector.

You might recognize this as the news sections, which you are currently viewing, or as our email newsletter, your weekly digest of the most relevant MEP and BIM news.

Today we are announcing…

… that Constructible joins forces with MEPcontent in becoming the essential dynamic duo that you need for MEP content and MEP knowledge.

What is Constructible?

Constructible is the go-to platform where stakeholders from all construction disciplines - MEP, estimating, contracts and bids, management, structural, etc. - gather to gain knowledge and actionable information about innovations in construction technology, best practices and latest industry news.

The Constructible Hub is where you can share resources, discuss advances in construction and build your knowledge about how to implement them within businesses.

Offering Construction industry resources to help you design, build & operate better.

Look at it this way: if MEPcontent is the place where you acquire virtual MEP building blocks, Constructible is the instruction board on how to best use that valuable ammunition. Constructible also relates to the Trimble Constructible Process

Why should you care at all?

If the MEP industry could be compared to a Pokemon arena in terms of MEP knowledge, then MEPcontent would be a Charmander and Constructible would be a Charizard. With hundreds of contributors selected from among the very best professional MEP ranks around the world, the Constructible Hub now represents the hallmark for the latest verified information about MEP best practices.

So also if you are not into Pokemon, it is clear to see that you should check out the Constructible sites to stay up-to-date about the latest trends and developments and about the Constructible process where we want to offer you Content to be used in actual buildable situations.

So here you have it: MEPcontent for IFC, Revit and CAD content and Constructible for Building industry knowledge.

As of now, most knowledge articles featured in the MEPcontent newsletter will be hosted on the Constructible Hub.

Visit Constructible and upgrade your industry knowledge!