SANHA: Always a perfect fit (New company video)

SANHA’s new company video provides an up-to-date overview of how the firm works and of their way of doing things - of their employees, their products, their comprehensive services and their factories in Belgium, Germany and Poland.

SANHA piping systems are a part of everyone’s daily life. They are used for drinking water, heating, solar power, natural gas, compressed air, cooling, fire protection systems, medical gases and drains.

As Bernd Kaimer, CEO of SANHA explains in the video: “We produce premium piping systems for customers all over the world.”

The label ‘Made In Germany’ is one that evokes perceptions of quality, efficiency and reliability. SANHA strives every day to ensure that their pipes, fittings and tools live up to this standard. With piping systems that are frequently used in areas where safety, hygiene and health are at stake, they take no chances where their products and processes are concerned. Rigorous quality control procedures are built into every part of the production process across their four plants, and all SANHA’s fittings are carefully checked before they leave the plant. As Bernd puts it: “You can rely on the technical know-how and dedicated experience of our employees. This has been the case for decades; it is the basis of our success.”

Whether the customer needs stainless steels, carbon steel, copper, brass, plastic or lead-free silicon bronze, SANHA are piping systems specialists, manufacturing fittings and pipes in dimensions from 6 to 169 mm.

As Geert Van den Abbeele, Manager of R&D and Product Management at SANHA, explains: “We develop all our products ourselves, which is why we are often seen as technical pioneers in our business.” With two fully-equipped logistics centres, SANHA can cover every requirement just in time - if necessary, even right up to the construction site. The firm relies on state-of-the-art logistics technology; from pick-by-voice and vendor managed inventory to precise tracking and tracing.

Construction sites can be equipped with their own on-site warehouse in the form of a container and, if desired, SANHA’s technicians can even accompany customers on the construction site. Today, SANHA successfully provides piping systems to customers in over 40 countries, across four continents.

But SANHA offers much more than ‘just’ premium systems. They support customers right from the start with a tailor-made service - from planning the pipe network with state-of-the-art software to material-neutral application consulting. And, for architects and planners, all of SANHA’s product data is also available in BIM-Revit format, helping to save time at the designing stage.

SANHA: Always a perfect fit.

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