Update: Add height annotations to your MEP openings

Place height annotations for each opening in your project

The Stabiplan Openings for MEP App for Revit has been updated with a much-requested functionality: automatically adding height annotations for all openings in your Revit project. This allows all project stakeholders to easily see the heights for all your openings within the project.

How it works
Once you have placed the openings in your model, you can also place a height annotation for each opening. You can select the openings from the Current view, define a New selection or use the Current selection. Next, you can specify if the height must be measured up to the Bottom, Center or Top of the opening. You can also choose if the annotation must be based on a Level or the Project Elevation in your project. The level can be selected from the drop-down menu which contains all levels within your project. It is also possible to use the predefined options: Level below opening or Level above the opening. The project elevation is based on the Project Base Point in your Revit project.

Extra functionalities
Besides this there are three other new functionalities included in this version. Firstly you can import predefined View Templates for a better control of the openings. Secondly it is possible to create a schedule with all the information about your openings. The last functionality is the Shared Parameter file which opens the location of the Shared Parameter file from the Stabiplan Openings for MEP app. The parameters of this file can be used in View Templates, Schedules or Tags.

Watch the video to see these new functionalities working for yourself.

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