Design POLOPLAST above-ground sanitary systems in Revit

The MEPcontent POLOPLAST Product Line Placer for Revit plugin helps BIM experts to get access to the POLO-KAL XS, POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S series, made available in this App. Visit the MEPcontent store and watch the video to see the App in action and get a quick impression of what it can do for you. Try the App yourself for free by downloading it from the MEPcontent store and install it for Revit. Create accurate schedules and select the product line, product group or system type of choice from within the POLOPLAST product range. Get the right POLOPLAST coupling or end piece when working with the split elements and cap open ends Revit functionalities. Draw your system and zoom in on the pipe socket, while connecting multiple fittings, bends, tees, reducers and couplings from the POLOPLAST series available in the App.

Optimizer included

Next to autorouting, composites and schedules, this App includes an optimizer which optimizes your system according to your set preferences. Simply specify which solution you want to see in which scenario and the optimizer will adjust all your auto routing fittings to the desired solution.

Free Manufacturer App

The MEPcontent POLOPLAST Product Line Placer App can be downloaded for free on You can also find this handy plugin on the POLOPLAST website.