Revit apps: what are they?

Revit plugin, Revit extension, Revit add-in, Revit add-on and Revit apps, what are they?After a quick Google search I could not find a clear page to explain it to me.

Marketing is a great field to be working in. But at the same time it can be difficult when it comes to correct and uniform naming and branding or categorization.

Also if you look at other synonyms like Revit applications, Revit plug-ins, there is no answer on the question: What is it? For those designers, (MEP) engineers, installers and draftsmen out there working with Revit and want to know what it is, I have the answer for you on this page.

What is it?
It comes down to this: a great piece of additional software on top of Revit.

Software designed with functionalities (and often unique BIM data access) you cannot find in Revit.

Why would you need it?
To complete a certain specialized workflow (like drawing piping systems with manufacturer specific content, ideally the content from manufacturers you work with) or do something which cannot be done in Revit alone such as configuring switch ranges if you are an electrician working in Revit.

Here at MEPcontent, we call them apps. Because we see them as applications on top of Revit and would like to keep things short and simple. Therefore apps (a shortcut term for applications). But whatever you want to call it, it comes down to be something on top of Revit. More specified, more localized, more customized to help you to get the job done, faster.

Where to get it?
If you are a MEP specialist, you can go to to download our free or paid apps depending on the content you need. Guaranteed by our developers (based on 28 years of experience in MEP) to solve issues you face on a daily base. And checked by the marketing or customer success team (by email and phone calls) for relevance. By contacting real-life users globally to ask for feedback, additional content, or anything users might be missing.

By the way, the number of apps is expanding every month, so please make sure you check often and download the (free) apps you need.

If you want to work with a more advanced app with access to content from up to 7 piping manufacturers, you can download the paid version of the MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Piping here.

Please tell us if you have any questions or when you have feedback about the apps. Because no matter how you call them or how we call them, they should work great nevertheless and we are here to make sure they do.