TTM Energiprodukter AB

Energy efficiency in HVAC-systems
We are experts in hydronic HVAC-systems and deliver solutions that give the user a higher thermal comfort at a reduced cost. The products we develop, manufacture and sell optimize hydronic performance and reduce failures.
Our shunt-units (circulation-units) distribute the right temperature and right flow to each part of the HVAC-system. Our hydronic fluid-treatment solutions pressurize and keep the HVAC-system clean and efficient by removing air, dirt and magnetite.

We like to keep it easy
The products we deliver are designed for quick installation and easy commissioning. Our aim to deliver solutions that is easy to understand and easy to use make our customers to frequent customers.

Our brands
TTM Shuntomatic® - standardized and stocked shunt-units (circulation unit, mixing loops) ready for delivery
TTM Shuntopac® - customized shunt-units (circulation unit, mixing loops) with endless options, built on customer needs
TTM NoXygen® – vacuum degassers remove all air and gas from the hydronic heat transfer fluids.
TTM GeniX® – active expansion and pressurization units maintain a stable hydronic pressure.
TTM MAG – magnetite, dirt and air separators clean the hydronic heat transfer fluids.
TTM RTB – brine mixing and filling device for safe mix and fill-up of coolants and antifreeze fluids.

Our history
Its more than 50 years ago that TTM packed and sold its first shunt unit for HVAC-systems. The demand for time saving, prefabricated building and installation material boomed during the 60’s. Higher technical demands, increasing wages and lack of skilled craftsmen made technical complicated products like prefabricated shunt units to a success in the building industry.

Since the 90’s when energy efficient, low temperature, closed heating systems became the new normal of how to design a heating system, we have helped our customers optimizing their heat transfer fluids. Removal of gases by vacuum degassing and eliminating dirt and magnetite from fluids by magnetite filters have become a basic demand to keep HVAC-systems free from failure and energy efficient.

TTM Energiprodukter AB
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