IVAR TECHNO TNB cod. 508100: mixing and boosting unit for radiant installations complete with two-way mixing valve, balancing valve (on the cold way), fill/drain valve, manual air vent valve, two thermometers 0÷80 °C (on delivery of boiler circuit and mixed circuit), temperature sensor pocket (on delivery of mixed circuit), shut off valve (on return of boiler circuit), boiler circuit connections G 1”F (centre distance 200 mm) and mixed circuit connections G 1”M (centre distance 200 mm). Upper and lower parts made of nickel-plated CB753S brass; pipe made of nickel-plated half-hard copper; gaskets and O-rings made of peroxide-cured EPDM; other parts made of CW617N brass. Max operating temperature 100 °C. Max operating pressure 10 bar. Fixed point mixing 20÷60 °C by thermostatic control head with remote sensor T3011 included. Max differential pressure at mixing valve ends 250 mbar. Pump space 130 mm with G 1”1/2F flat seal connections.
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Ultima actualizare : 26-02-2020
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