PICV 200-205-210 With PICC 22

Valve that keeps the flow rate constant during operation within a certain differential pressure range thanks to a membrane device with a contrast spring. Complete with two pockets G 1/4"F for piezometric sockets (IVAR AVB 10) and with plugs for piezometric sockets and cartridge. PICV 200 (female) connections: G 1"1/2F, G 2"F in compliance with ISO 228/1. PICV 205 (male - flat seal) connections: G 2"M, G 2"1/2M in compliance with ISO 228/1. PICV 210 (with unions) connections: G 1"1/2M, G 2"M in compliance with ISO 228/1 and EN 10226-1. To combine with PICC 22 cartridge. PICC connection: W81x16. Compatible with water or glycol solutions max 30%. Min operating temperature: -20 °C. Max operating temperature: 120 °C. Max operating pressure: 25 bar. Valve material: CW617N brass. Sealing gaskets material: Peroxide EPDM. IVAR PICC 22: 41 flow rate ranges to set even during operation; brass and PSU insert; HNBR/Peroxide EPDM diaphragm; Peroxide EPDM sealing gaskets.
Laatst bijgewerkt : 10-12-2018

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