Exchange Excel data and Revit data with one Revit app

Revit and Excel. Two tools you probably use on a daily basis. But sometimes it is hard to make them work together, forcing you to manually enter data into Revit and Excel. But that is something of the past. Did you know you can combine Revit and Excel in a way you could not do before?

We launched a new Revit app today to do just that. The Stabiplan Export and Import Excel app. Combine the functionalities of Revit and Excel with this powerful app. Download the Revit app to export data to an Excel file, make (bulk) changes and import data into your Revit project again, without any hassle. You can make a selection of data: select the whole project or just a selection of it, you decide.

Why would you as a busy MEP engineer, designer or modeler care? The app can save you a lot of time simply because you can update your model with Excel data in no-time. Or export data to Excel to share it with a project partner who might not have a Revit license.

Free trial
The Stabiplan Export and Import Excel app can be downloaded on Get access to this app which will save you a lot of time and helps you in your project collaboration with partners outside your firm.