OC Waterloo

We're one of Europe's most respected producers of air terminal devices. In almost a century we've built ourselves an excellent reputation when it comes to innovation, quality of our products and customer service. Our history in combination with our direct involvement in countless projects both in our native land and abroad has led to a solid base on which we can conduct our leading role in the air terminal devices industry.


OC Waterloo produces air terminal devices.
Maximum comfort, minimum costs and a environmentally friendly use of raw material are always of main importance during the design and production of air terminal devices at OC Waterloo.
Production takes place at OC Waterloo's modern production premises. Here you can find computerised machines that allow us to be really flexible in regards to the wishes of our customers. A team of technical specialists work together with advisors and installers on each project to ensure the quality of the final product.
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Ondernemersweg 2
7451 PK Holten
The Netherlands
+31 (0)548 - 374 375

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