PAC-RAC-SRC20-60ZSX-S / -W / -W1 / -W2

Heat pump hyper inverter - Outdoor unit
- The Hyper Inverter range (high efficiency) offers products from 2 to 6 kW in cooling mode
- Advanced technologies contributing to environmental protection, compatible with R32 (-W) and R410A (-S)
- Leading powerful heating capacity in the industry thanks to expansion valve control and twin rotary compressor technology
- High efficiency in both cooling and heating by achieving energy labels A++
- Wide range of operation down to -20 degC in heating and up to 46 degC in cooling
- Design flexibility optimised with a compatible piping length up to 30 m (sizes 40, 50, 60) and up to 25 m (sizes 20, 25 and 35)
Ultimo aggiornamento : 20-11-2021
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