Ceilfit radiant panel

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The Mark CEILFIT radiant panel creates a comfortable work and living environment through heating and cooling by convection and radiation. It is easy to regulate zones or rooms individually to ensure a pleasant surrounding. The Mark CEILFIT panels are compatible with grid type ceilings and can replace the standard tile without any additional work to the grid. The standard panels are available in common standard grid dimension, or as custom dimensions on request.

- Easily installed in standard T-Grid ceiling
- Cost efficient heating and cooling
- RAL 9010 powder coated
- Constructed of 0,7 steel sheet fused to copper tube
- Copper tubing (10×0,4mm) can withstand pressure up to 6 bar
- Easy to clean
- Frees up floor and wall space
- Rapid warm up times, due to low water content
- Low pressure drop (operating pressures)
- Low whole life costs – lack of moving parts
- In accordance with NEN-EN 13964 regulation
- Optional: perforation for better sound absorption

To support the weight of a fluid filled panel we strongly advise to add suspension wires from the panels to a structural part of the building or ceiling. The panels are accomodated with several holes to fix the supension brackets or cables.
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