AIRSTAGE™ Conditioning Systems from Fujitsu

Specific content for international manufacturer Fujitsu is available in the Fujitsu BIM object library on MEPcontent. There are Revit families, dwg and ifc files available on MEPcontent for indoor and outdoor units.

Heat pumps outdoor units

Due to the inverter technology and refrigerant control technology, the EER/COP has been significantly improved. The outdoor size of the units has been reduced by optimizing of equipment. This allows for a reduction in the required installation area floor space. Installation flexibility is further ensured due to the total pipe length of 1,000m and 150m actual pipe length. From small to large buildings, any application can be supported.

Cassette type and mini Duct type indoor units

The AIRSTAGE™ indoor units were developed to be highly efficient, compact, low noise, and to have user-friendly operation. The design makes that they go well with the interior decoration and are easy to install and maintain.

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