CI400NB - Modular manifold EASY LOCK series

The modular manifolds EASY LOCK series are characterised mainly by their ability to be connected to each other in an easy and practical way; threads are designed in order that EASY LOCK manifolds can be connected together having an aligned and sealed connection without using any sealing element. Manifolds are only externally nichel plated; therefore, yellow inside, making them suitable for drinking water use. They are available in several versions: with manually operated isolation valves (with blue or red hand wheel); with manually operated isolation valves (with blue or red hand wheel) and 30° inclined connections; plain (with no manually operated isolation valves).

Modular plain manifold EASY-LOCK series. Manifolds can be used to supply DCW. The body is made of brass CW617N nickel-plated only externally. Gaskets and O-rings: Peroxide EPDM. Maximum fluid temperature: 100°C. Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar. Main connections: G 3/4"F or G 1"F. Secondary connections: EUROK or 1/2"M or 1/2"M TP (flat seal). Sizes available: from 2 to 4 ways.
Dernière actualisation : 17-05-2018
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