System controller

Controller can be used with sensoNET and the myVAILLANT App / sensoAPP.
System control for the following technologies: Gas, oil and heat pump. And can be integrated with following system components: Solar thermal energy, photovoltaics and ventilation.
The multiMATIC VRC700/6 can be used with 1 to 3 x VR70 and/or 1 x VR 71 wiring centres and also up to 8 x VR 91 remote controls can be added. For the VRC 720f 3 x VR 91f is the maximum.

Art. No.:
AT/DE: 0020266797
BE/CH/FR/IT/NL: 0020171315
CZ/PL/SK: 0020171316
DK/SE/NO: 0020171317
HU/INT/RO/RU/UA: 0020171319
SI: 0020171320
INT: 0020184837
BA/HR/INT/RS: 0020184838
UK: 0020236291 and 0020259829 and 0020236293
Ultimo aggiornamento : 02-05-2022
Nome file

HC_Control Unit_F_MEPcontent_Vaillant_VR 91-VRC 700_6_INT-EN.rfa

HC_Control Unit_F_MEPcontent_Vaillant_VR 91_INT-EN.dwg

HC_Control Unit_F_MEPcontent_Vaillant_VR 91_INT-EN.ifc

HC_Control Unit_F_MEPcontent_Vaillant_VRC 700_6_INT-EN.dwg

HC_Control Unit_F_MEPcontent_Vaillant_VRC 700_6_INT-EN.ifc