The most frightening traps when working with BIM content

When dealing with BIM content, there are two most important things that come above everything else. Making the correct choice about what content to use based on technical, maintenance and cost information and making sure the content you download is reliable and contains correct information. Here are 6 ways to make sure you chose the best content for your projects and here you can read more about what criteria guarantees the quality of your content.

We identified a couple of traps that can potentially be threatening to the correct use of BIM content in projects. And we also came up with a solution to completely eliminate these.

1. Files downloaded and stored locally

It goes without saying that downloading files on your computer and only using them after a few weeks, when you need them for a project, is not the perfect approach to working with BIM content.

The information contained in the files is in danger of getting depreciated since the content is no longer in synchronization with the platform, where any product changes are immediately made available.

2. Forgotten bookmarks

Bookmarks are actually great ways to store sources that you want to revisit when in need for specific content. But ask yourself if your bookmark structure is organized well enough that you can quickly find a page you saved a few months ago.

And even if you are a guru of organisation (kudos to you for that), bookmarks don’t have the ability to friendly remind you: “Hey, here’s a page that you really need right now, but you totally forgot about.” Unless you don’t manually open the bookmarks menu, the links stored there are forever lost.

3. Skimmed newsletter content updates

Every week you can be sure that at least two or three content highlights of the week from different manufacturers can be found in your inbox, in the MEPcontent newsletter.

But maybe you are reading the email in your lunch break, or in the evening, and you don’t really need the content at that specific moment. By the time you switch to reading the next email, the updates are out of sight, out of mind, and you may never remember that you really wanted to use that heat pump you read about in the newsletter.

One size fits all: this time for real

Instead of downloading the files locally, or simply storing web sources in your bookmarks or your memory, you can make use of a great functionality that will save you all of this trouble. Right next to the “Download” button on the content pages, there is a “Add to download list” button.

Collect all of the items that you think you might use one day in a virtual folder and only download them when you are working on your project. Being stored on the platform, you are sure they always stay up-to-date and ready to be used.

Try the download list functionality straight away to optimize your workflow!

And don’t forget to bookmark the page with your download list in MEPcontent