Warmth is an essential part of our daily lives. A snug home, a comfortable workplace or a cosy meeting place must have a pleasant and warm atmosphere. But it is exactly the warmth required to make our lives enjoyable that is putting a major strain on our environment and climate. We also want to help care for our planet and future generations, and this is why we at Stelrad focus on the intelligent use of energy. We opt for sustainable, green warmth with the future very much in mind.

As the biggest European radiator brand we at Stelrad believe we must also accept a number of major responsibilities, first being to our consumers. Everyone must be able to continue choosing Stelrad, because we offer the best quality at a highly competitive price. And whether you have a small or large home, in the city or in the countryside, each home deserves Stelrad quality. You are then assured decades of maximum comfort with extremely low energy costs.

Care for the environment and for future generations is also a responsibility we take to heart at Stelrad. Of all the energy available in our Western world, more than a third is used to heat buildings and warm up our water. So it is time for a serious change in the way we consume our energy.

Intelligent energy measures can considerably reduce heating power consumption in the home. Good insulation and particularly modern heating technologies and renewable energy all help to give us a good start. And when these new technologies are connected to the revolutionary low-temperature Stelrad valve radiator, your heating efficiency will increase further. Stelrad therefore uses its green warmth to help ensure a sustainable future for everyone.
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